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Enterprise Cloud Storage

All your business files are accessible on one platform by an unlimited number of users. Synchronised across all your devices with secured safety features and collaboration tools.

Cloudike is optimised for sharing an efficient workflow among teams on a global scale.

No payment information needed.

On-Premise Cloud Solution

Cloudike also provides an on-premise service where white-label cloud services are installed and deployed directly on our customers’ server.

Build your own cloud computing solution tailored to your company’s preferences.

It can be fully customised from your own brand, theme color, user interface, to unique security features. The UI/UX will be carried forward on all devices, be it on mobile or PC.

Personalising Customer Experience

Perform & Work Better with Cloudike

Sole Branding

Your own unique company brandings such as logo and domain personalisation. Show your clients your brand when a link is shared

Shared Team Contents

Allows for collaboration via one-click link sharing internally or externally, even when your clients don’t use Cloudike

Speed in Asia

Our Southeast Asian server is located in Singapore, to ensure lower latency, and continuous high speed

Simple User Interface

User-friendly on all devices, drag and drop easily with search function for files in different languages, even during offline

Sync-Patented Technology

Any files edited in PC/Mac will be synchronised in real-time across all devices, so your team collaboration is up to date

Safe & Secure

Robust security settings such as file versioning recovery, permissions for specific user to read-only/modify, apply document watermark, and more

Scalable Pricing

Affordable plans without compromising on quality. At an unlimited number of users, you only pay for the storage capacity your team needs.

Starting from only
$7.99 per month.

We Grow with You!

More than 1,000,000 users in the world use Cloudike Business

These are some of our customer stories from various industries

  • F&B

    We needed a platform to consolidate information in a central library and be able to share with internal and external people. Cloudike has helped us to hold some key information, whilst at the same time having control over who can have access to what and to which level of editing, etc

  • Manufacturing

    Cloudike fits seamlessly into our company workflow for data backup. The Covid-19 pandemic rendered most of us to work from home, so it was nice to be able to backup business data for offline viewing and saving on our personal devices

  • Media

    We solved large-capacity video storage, sharing, and collaboration with other broadcasting media companies in real-time through Cloudike, while using our own brand logo on the platform

  • Design

    Our design team could store and segregate our artwork in specific folders apart from other teams in within the company and access updates on the latest files via Cloudike mobile app also

  • Retail

    A need for sharing sustainable information on a global scale through the use of cloud storage. Through reasonable pricing and secured cloud service provided, Lacoste outlets in S.Korea could also share data with its other branches in the country

  • Financial

    Due to the limitations of computer storage space and damages on external hard drives, cloud storage is simple to use on all devices no matter the size of the file, it is easier to share through Cloudike’s hyperlinks. Less worries as the system information are always backed-up too

  • Seoul Women's University

    Now, all our departments and different faculties share useful class materials for easy references via Cloudike, while maintaining our university’s logo on the platform for all activities internally and externally

  • Pharmaceutical

    In Japan, as workflow in our pharmacies are getting busier especially during the pandemic, cloud storage helps to synchronise and backup important data for all of our staff to keep track of the latest business information on a centralised platform

  • Construction

    We can now systematically manage our branches and subsidiaries worldwide by conveniently sending any blueprints and architectural documents to our people and clients with Lotte’s brand intact

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