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General Usage Enquiries

※ Log in to administrator account → Manage team members → Select user → click the quota update icon → specify the capacity to allocate → apply.

You can restore or download the previous file through the file versioning function.

※ Select a file → Click the clock icon on the right side of the screen → Click the return arrow after confirming the file to restore.

If you proceed with one-way synchronisation, you can still synchronise without taking up PC hard disk storage space.

※ Right-click the Cloudike icon on the taskbar → Settings → General Settings tab → Check the Enable One-way Sync checkbox → Apply changes.

Please email or call customer support.

Plans & Payments Enquiries

At the moment, there are two methods of payment: card payment and account transfer.

※ Pay by card
Log in to the administrator account → Settings → Change plan → Pay with card → Update plan → Select plan and enter card information → Pay.

※ Payment by bank transfer
Please email or call customer service.

Yes, you can get a receipt by logging in with your administrator account if you use a card payment method. For account transfers, please contact us for an invoice.

※ Log in to the administrator account → Settings → Change plan → Usage fee details → Click the receipt icon for the payment date.

In the case of the Basic plan, uploading files allocation is up to 2GB only. However, files can be uploaded separately for above 2GB.

If you use a plan other than Basic plan, you can upload and download without limits regardless of the file size.

When the upload/download traffic is exceeded, a separate fee of $0.50 per 1GB is charged. However, the service will not be interrupted.