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An interview with Lee Min-Kyung from the Industry-Academia Cooperation Department of Seoul Women’s University

Linking groundbreaking academia to leading, innovative industries, Seoul Women’s University systematically manages massive data exchange with Cloudike.

"With this pricing, it was an easy decision to make."

Q. How did you first find out about Cloudike?

In the beginning, I was just looking for a cloud storage solution. But looking through the initial search results, they were all too expensive.
We simply needed large storage capacity, and of course, at a low cost for the many number of students and faculty members to use. Cloudike seemed to fit our price range perfectly for unlimited users.

Q. Of your research into other cloud storage solutions, what made Cloudike stand out?

The main reason why I was looking for a cloud storage service was because sharing files via our email system was extremely limiting. As around 200 people at SWU send and receive data via email every day, we were using up our ridiculously small 5GB storage capacities. Almost all our employees needed a document sharing platform that was fast and easy to adapt to, and Cloudike was the best choice for this purpose.

Q. You mentioned that around 200 people use it, but it’s not only used within the Industry-Academia Cooperation Department right? Do other departments also collaborate via Cloudike?

The main users are not actually the staff directly related to the department, rather the 200 active professors that are managed by our team. As the instructors conduct research and create resources, they upload photos, videos and records of their activities on Cloudike, shared to me, the manager and some of our students may access them as well.

Q. How do you use Cloudike given our unlimited number of users?

Our original plan for Cloudike was to maximize the unlimited user limit. Since we have many users and departments all need access to different files at different times, they can simply create a new account and immediately access or upload files. The permissions settings are easy to use, so file security isn’t a problem despite having many users.

We’re glad that you’re taking full advantage of the unlimited users package, we consider it as one of our core strengths!

"Easy to use, even for the more senior staff and faculty members."

Q. Please let us know if you’re satisfied with Cloudike or if there’s any problem we have helped solve?

Of course, I’m definitely satisfied with the price for the capacity that we need. We share a lot of photos and videos, alongside documents, so an affordable, large capacity solution is very important for us. More importantly, I thought that since Cloudike is relatively young, the service wouldn’t be as easy to use or learn. Surprisingly, many of our more senior lecturers learned and began using the service quickly. I think the reason was because of the integrated PC client, which basically changed nothing much in how they perform their work.


Many customers have had questions about our web preview printing options, so as a result, we’ve integrated Microsoft 365 previews! Currently, if a Cloudike user has a Microsoft 365 original license, they can edit files directly on the browser and adjust the printing settings. Notification emails are sent to the admin via email since our service doesn’t send activity notifications to the administrator directly; the administrator must check the activity log on site. We are always trying to improve our services and make our user experience as smooth as possible. We thank you for your feedback and will improve our service accordingly.