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Digital Marketing Startup streamlines Data Management with Cloudike!

UNEEDCOMMS COO, Jeong Yeonjun, joins us today for this interview!

Q. What was your first impression of Cloudike?

In the beginning I thought it was just like any other cloud storage backup, but the more I use it, the more I see Cloudike’s advantages, especially over Google Drive which we are also using.

Cloudike’s affordable storage packages, server reliability and upload/download speeds made working much more efficient than Drive.

In particular, being able to share large videos and files so easily was extremely helpful.

Q. Why did you decide to integrate a cloud service like Cloudike into your marketing business?

As mentioned earlier, we deal with a lot of businesses, both big and small. Hence, we needed a platform to systematically store and share our internal data separately from our client’s data.

I decided to implement Cloudike after being tasked with attracting investment. All the financial data, informative videos, and presentations to help investors understand the company, needed to be stored securely, with easy access and collaboration.

We specifically separated our more important, internal documents and stored them on Cloudike.

Q. What’s your favorite feature about Cloudike?

Definitely the file sharing. For my work in attracting investment, it was important that we had an easy way to introduce and explain our company with our brand logo intact.

We chose videos to do this since we wanted to show hands-on usage of our applications, and Cloudike was the perfect way to share these videos and collaborate internally and externally.

Q. How does Cloudike specifically help you and your team?

Largely, it helps with our internal collaboration since we can upload and view materials from other departments (marketing, sales, finance) in one organized space on many different devices.

Secondly, it makes file delivery to the investor extremely easy and secure. In the beginning we were sending large video files with limitations through emails. Cloudike handles both multi-file uploads and large file uploads and is able to send them all well.

Q. Lastly, any opinions for businesses still considering Cloudike?

I can confidently say that Cloudike has increased our work productivity, simply by smoothening our communication channels and data management.

If you’re interested in file sharing like us, or you just need a platform to start organizing your documents, I highly recommend Cloudike. It has helped with our internal communication, with real impacts on our work productivity, and it’s definitely going to stay that way with the next improvements from Cloudike team.