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How the entertainment industry such as this animation producing company, KAPA, is using enterprise cloud storage effectively?

Korea Animation Producers Association

Created in December 1994, Korea Animation Producers Association hereinafter KAPA is an association formed by domestic animation companies to develop the present and future industries of Korean animation.

Therefore, we are actively collaborating with animation production companies, broadcasters or investment companies. All of the data from external meetings, including vast amounts of video data, were shared using Cloudike.

We will learn more about how KAPA is using the cloud through interviews with Secretary General Won-gyu Kim and Hyo-sak Son.

Q. How did you come to know about and use Cloudike?

In our early days, we used company G service. However, there was a limit to the integration part of sharing important files externally with clients using company G.

After exploring various services, I chose Cloudike for its seamlessly great service.

Q. Did you choose our service to share the materials necessary for internal/external collaboration?

Yes, that’s right. Because of the frequent external announcements, we needed a service that could use the shared data right away with our company brand intact.

At this time, all sharing was done with Cloudike without any limitations and issues for further collaborations.

Q. What has changed since the usage of Cloudike?

Actually, I worked as an animation producer for 20 years before coming in as the secretary general of the association. What surprised me when I joined the association was that the work data was not well organized. In general companies, the materials necessary for work are organized by folders, but the association at that time did not have a large number of people, so there was not much work sharing and proper organization of work.

Each business person in charge has their own business data, and only when necessary, they exchange data through printing papers or email.

With Cloudike, all of that has changed now.

Q. What are your thoughts on using cloud services to store all your company's data?

You might not know if you haven’t used any cloud services in any way. Questions and being skeptical like what is the cloud? Is the real cloud stable? Or is it safe in terms of security?   

However, when we are actually using any cloud services, it was proven to be the safest way to store data, with almost no issues most of the time. The only mistakes were those that we made ourselves most of the time.

User’s experience is our top priority in ensuring a secure and safe environment.

Q. If so, do you know of Cloudike's versioning function?

For instance, if a file is modified incorrectly or is accidentally saved and overwritten, Cloudike can manage its version separately, so you can revert to the previous version as much as you want. This function can be used in the form of recovering when infected with viruses such as ransomware too!

Oh, now that you mentioned, I remember when we were using other cloud services, we had an experience of our file being infected with a virus while opening an email. With Cloudike’s services, these issues were solved in a fast manner.

Q. What kind of companies need to use Cloudike?

I think that data sharing using the cloud should be used by all companies now.

Imagine if the amount of data used by companies is too large for the web to upload and download, our businesses will be ineffective in today’s digitalized world.

For example, companies that still use up spaces of shelves, putting the files on and off the shelf can be very troublesome when the amount of files increases and it will be difficult to find. Not to mention how those papers would age. We use cloud services because the concept of sharing a shelf to store all of our files has no limitations, faster, more secure, and more effective in the modern world.

Companies that haven’t yet used the cloud will be familiar with the old way of transferring data in a computer. I still see some other corporations that are still stuck in conservative ways using simple functions like copy paste, print, send, and these old ways have proven to be slower and unproductive.

The way we work can be improved much better once you introduce cloud services into your company. I think the cloud collaboration approach will change the way we work in the future a lot. If you can check through a single shared link rather than sending the files you need for remote work by email, you will be able to work much easier and faster.