Media - Cloudike


Let’s look at how Munhuwa Broadcasting Company (MBC) uses Cloudike to manage their massive data transfers.

"Started with the free trial, and now it’s been over 3 years"

Q. How did you come to know about Cloudike?

Our company’s cloud storage at the time was running out of space, so I was looking for an alternate solution.

Since we’ve had problems with our previous cloud storage, I also wanted the new service to handle large file uploads/downloads seamlessly.

After some research, I found Cloudike and decided to use the free trial.

Q. What led you to choose Cloudike?

Due to the nature of our media work, affordable storage capacity and reliable speed were extremely important since we handle so many videos, audios and large image files.

With my free trial account, I tested out the service internally and Cloudike offered exactly what we needed. At some point I just thought: “This is it!”

Q. Which features do you use most often?

Perhaps the most expected feature for Cloud services is file sharing, which we definitely use the most.

The ability to set specific permissions for both folders and users made secure sharing easier. It is simple and straightforward to use and it also reduces human error or accidental sharing.

Q. How has Cloudike impacted MBC?

We are responsible for consistently sharing videos with around 10 other broadcasting stations, so firstly Cloudike made it easy to deliver these files with its consistency and speed. Again, because of the permissions settings, we could set access permissions to specific folders for specific people from each company, meaning that we didn’t have to separate them or individually manage our files. It made our work much more systematic and convenient.

Q. Lastly, let us know specifically how MBC uses Cloudike day-to-day?

First off, when we produce a program, we begin by sharing videos, images, narrations etc. with the relevant companies and freelancers. At this stage, we begin by creating a team and a folder specific to the project, who then shares it via links to the freelancers. In this way, we maximize both the internal and external sharing features, and approach file sharing very systematically. I think this is the best way to use Cloudike and it’s been a great help in smoothening our data transfers.


Cloudike is proud to be able to provide valuable services for MBC. We strongly encourage other similar media companies to store large files with Cloudike because it provides affordable storage capacity for an unlimited number of users!