Construction Find out how Hanmi Global, a leading construction project management company uses Cloudike to smoothen their communication channels. Managing over 80 branch offices and field data, Hanmi Global is a global industry leader in construction & project management. Q. How did you learn about Cloudike? As a global company, we needed a platform to […]


Technology ElectroM Ltd. is a tech OEM that manufactures electronic components. They produce parts for electric vehicles, solar inverters, internet servers, and many more. Let’s hear what they have to share about their real experience of encountering and recovering ransomware infected files with Cloudike’s versioning feature! 100% File recovery from ransomware infection. Q. Why Cloudike? We […]


Media Let’s look at how Munhuwa Broadcasting Company (MBC) uses Cloudike to manage their massive data transfers. “Started with the free trial, and now it’s been over 3 years” Q. How did you come to know about Cloudike? Our company’s cloud storage at the time was running out of space, so I was looking for […]


Entertainment How the entertainment industry such as this animation producing company, KAPA, is using enterprise cloud storage effectively? Korea Animation Producers Association Created in December 1994, Korea Animation Producers Association hereinafter KAPA is an association formed by domestic animation companies to develop the present and future industries of Korean animation. Therefore, we are actively collaborating […]


Retail An interview with the Transformation Director of Gong cha Global Gong cha Global retail outlets, a brand famous for its wide range of teas, is also one of Cloudike’s customers. Gong cha Global Introduction In Chinese, “Gong cha” means to offer the best tea to the emperor from all of one’s possessions”. It is […]


Marketing Digital Marketing Startup streamlines Data Management with Cloudike! UNEEDCOMMS COO, Jeong Yeonjun, joins us today for this interview! Q. What was your first impression of Cloudike? In the beginning I thought it was just like any other cloud storage backup, but the more I use it, the more I see Cloudike’s advantages, especially over […]


Education An interview with Lee Min-Kyung from the Industry-Academia Cooperation Department of Seoul Women’s University Linking groundbreaking academia to leading, innovative industries, Seoul Women’s University systematically manages massive data exchange with Cloudike. “With this pricing, it was an easy decision to make.” Q. How did you first find out about Cloudike? In the beginning, I was just […]


Design Designers in Sparkle Interactive use Cloudike seamlessly! Modern companies often outsource their marketing campaigns to designated advertising agencies, who can create engaging, multimedia contents. Sparkle Interactive is one such advertising agency that focuses on digital content creation and advertising through various channels. Find out how Sparkle Interactive’s Ma Hye-min uses Cloudike to streamline their workflow. Q. What […]